Whispered Like the Wind

If we tell the stories of our mothers' mothers, will we remember their laughs? Their cries? Their lessons? Whispered Like the Wind is an experimental composition exploring motherhood, daughterhood, and the magic of the God of each generation.

After gathering stories from Black women in Omaha, Union for Contemporary Art 2019 fellow Liz Gre has composed a new work and will be sharing it in collaboration with the Omaha Symphony.

This community program is in partnership with The Union for Contemporary Art.

Liz refers to her composition style as “ethnographic” rooted in a sense of place and the product of interviews. This piece contemplates motherhood, daughterhood, and spirituality and came from interviews of women-identifying individuals in North Omaha. This new piece is in 4 themes in 5 movements, with the Flight theme occurring as movement 1 and 4.

Whispered Like the Wind tackles a sense of self and an ancestral sense of place. The American Quartet was selected as a compliment to the rooting in history and African American spirituals and work songs. The Unanswered Question bridges styles between the Dvořák and the Gre, while also asking the greater question of “why.” Gre’s piece also features a solo cellist she brings with her on the project.

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Liz Gre is a vocalist, songwriter, and audiophile. Born and raised in Omaha, she began her musical career in the choir stand of her father’s church. She studied jazz, classical, and contemporary music in middle school and then shifted to classical and jazz music. In 2017, she performed the title role in Mother King, an opera about Alberta Williams King, the mother of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Currently, she is a member of The Union’s Performing Arts Collective.

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